New update!

We had a busy week and weekend, but have finally gotten a chance to count the second batch of pennies from Pine Jog Elementary.

The second round of collections was

37,148 ‘pennies’!!

Bringing Pine Jog Elementary’s grand total from both batchs to

58,901 ‘pennies’!

And Elisabeth’s current counted total to:

90,736 ‘pennies’!

Thank you, Pine Jog, for such a great collection!

We still have many pennies that have not been counted, so now that we got the huge count done,
we can start counting all the other wonderful donations Elisabeth has gotten in the last week!



Elisabeth at the LEO SU meeting

Elisabeth passing out flyers the Girl Scout service unit meeting.

Elisabeth passing out flyers the the Girl Scout service unit meeting.

Elisabeth attended the LEO Service Unit meeting tonight to tell them about her project, pass out flyers and collect pennies. At the beginning of the meeting she  helped to lead the Pledge of Allegiance to the other girls in attendance. She then gave her speech and handed out flyers. We had a wonderful collection of pennies and other troops talked about creating paper cranes to send our sister scouts in Japan.

We also collected many pennies at our troop meeting last night! Thanks to troop 21127 and 20218 for a wonderful collection.

Elisabeth giving her speech.

Elisabeth giving her speech.


Here is a fun cute clip of Elisabeth learning the hand motions that go with the Girl Scout law.

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Elisabeth in headphones

Check back next Monday to see what Elisabeth was recording for!

Sorry it’s been quiet around here. We have a big Girl Scout meeting this evening – my scouts are throwing a 1940’s USO canteen dance party and I’ve been in the middle of prep for it.

On Friday, Elisabeth got a special opportunity! Come back next week to see what this photo was all about!

We’ve also been in touch with Mayor Ferreri of Greenacres, FL (the city we live in). It’s a possiblity that Elisabeth will have a table at the annual Easter Egg Hunt on April 23rd! More info to come.

Elisabeth will be at the LEO  GS service unit meeting Tuesday night to talk about her project and to collect any pennies the other leaders have brought.

A new count to come in the next few days – it’s been crazy busy around here, but we do have a lot of pennies to count, and more to come this evening!

Here’s a photo just for the fun of it. It’s Elisabeth and Miss Jennifer – the co-leader of our Girl Scout troop, before Elisabeth’s appointment on Friday!

Being silly with Miss Jennifer.

Being silly with Miss Jennifer.

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Pine Jog Elementary’s current total! OMG

OK, we have spent many days rolling coins. Hold on to your hat because the current total of “pennies” that Pine Jog Elementary helped Elisabeth collect was…..

29,753 ‘pennies’!!

Bringing the grand total to

53,588 ‘pennies’!!!!

And I have more pennies to pick up from the school on Friday, so this total is not the final count from Pine Jog. Thank you so much to the teachers and students for making this so successful!

Hopeful I’ll have some more exciting news to share pretty soon! Some very exciting things are happening behind the scenes.


Busy counting pennies!

I know we’ve been pretty quiet! But we have been counting a LOT of pennies from Elisabeth’s school! We’ve rolled 8,000+ pennies and are only 1/3 through them! So all our free time it “wrapped up” in that LOL…. I’ve been told there are two more big bags waiting for us at school! Plus today Eliasbeth had Honor Roll Assembly in the moring and science fair in the evening! It’s been crazy busy here! 

But we can add 2,057 pennies to Elisabeth’s total now from Girl Scout troop 498 of Ashaway, RI!!! And from what I hear they are just warming up! Thanks so much for their help!

For a total of
23,835 ‘pennies’!

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Pennies collected at Pine Jog Elementary!

The collection from Pine Jog Elementary!

The collection from Pine Jog Elementary!

We haven’t gotten a chance to count these yet, but this morning we picked up the pennies that have been collected so far at Pine Jog Elementary! WOW! What are huge success! Besides the jar being completely full, there was, not one, but TWO plastic bags that are half hidden by Elisabeth in this picture!

Elisabeth and some of her classmates went from classroom to classroom last Thursday and Friday. I was told my husband that there had been a jar at aftercare as well.

And the school is going to continue to collect through this week!

Thank you so much to to Pine Jog Elementary
for supporting Elisabeth with her project!

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Penny jars!


Thanks to Miss Patti and Dance Unlimited of Lake Worth for allowing Elisabeth to place a jar at her dance school. There were already coins in it when we left!

If you know of any other Palm Beach or Broward county businesses willing to sponsor one of Elisabeth’s jars, please let us know and we will get one to you!


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