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Pennies from Tennessee and else where!

Cailyn and her collection of pennies!

Cailyn and her collection of pennies!

No, the adorable little girl to the left is not Elisabeth, but her sweet little cousin Cailyn from Spring Hill, Tennesse. She’s looking forward to being a Daisy Girl Scout next year when she starts Kindergarten. But she’s already a Girl Scout at heart helping out her “Cousin Elisabeth”.

Cailyn, her baby sister Anslie and Elisabeth’s Aunt Kati and Uncle John collected

8950 ‘pennies’!

Cailyn’s Grandpa, John Dickey also contributed 2,000.

So 10,950 pennies from Tennesse.

But wait no…. Junior Troop 965 in White House, TN collected

5,500 pennies!

Thank you so much girls! how considerate and caring!

We also heard that Brownie Troop of San Antonio, TX raised

4,000 pennies!

Great job being a sister to every Girl Scout! Thank you so much!

That’s a total of 20,450.. bringing our current total to


Here it’s been a heck of a week. My home computer is dying a slow miserable death! And with Tree Planting and Elisabeth birthday party on Saturday and our Troop Mother’s Day Tea Monday night, life is never dull. We probably won’t have a final count until at least the weekend after next. And we are still hearing from other troops, I will have more totals forthcoming!

Thank you so much again to everyone I’ve already thanked, it’s been amazing!


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Elisabeth is 7!!

Elisabeth is 7 today!

Elisabeth is 7 today!

Well today is Elisabeth 7th birthday!!!!!
She is so excited!

Elisabeth is personally extending her part of the penny drive until her birthday party on Saturday. We also have troops that are still in the process of finishing up their penny collections! So we are not officially ending the drive today, because it is going so well!

Either tonight or tomorrow I will have pictures up of our busy Saturday. We were at the city’s Easter Egg hunt collecting pennies, as well as heading down south, where Elisabeth was invited to attend Troop 10481’s meeting and Easter egg hunt, and they, and several other troops, had pennies for her as well. So many to count!!!!!

But I do want to send some big thank yous!

Brownie Troop 64 from Wakefield Rhode Island collected

1,034 pennies!

Congrats and thank you girls for a wonderful collection!

Troop 690 is from South Kingstown, Rhode Island collected

7,000 pennies!

That is really awesome collection. Those girls should be very proud!!! Thank you so much for your incredible job!

Troop 519 from Vinton, Iowa collect

11,144 pennies!

What an amazing feat! Thank you so much girls for your dedication to being a sister to every Girl Scout!

Bringing our current amount to

155,363 pennies raised for the Girl Scout of Japan Relief Effort!

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Pennies from across the country!

Brownie Troop 1457 from Yorktown Heights, NY

Brownie Troop 1457 from Yorktown Heights, NY

Elisabeth is starting to receive penny counts from Girl Scouts across the country.

Brownie Troop 1475 from Yorktown Heights, NY collected

2,118 pennies!

What an awesome job girls! Thank you for your support and for being a sister to every Girl Scout! See their picture to the left.

Daisy Troop 60570 from Western New York did an Amazing Daisy collection of

10,500 pennies!!!

And from what we hear, every scout in the troop participated! Thank you so much helping Elisabeth help Japan!

Elisabeth also received a package from the  Girl Scouts – Diamonds of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas Council. They collected 1,932 pennies (she was also very excited about the birthday card and council patch!) Thank you so much for your help and kind birthday wishes!

We finally counted the pennies from our own LEO service unit meeting!

9,190 pennies!

Thank you to all the troops that contributed right here at home!

Finally from Elisabeth Grandma Bobbi and Papa, she received

3,626 pennies!

Thats a total of 17,866 pennies, bringing the grand total to 

136,185 pennies!

This morning Elisabeth did a thank you announcement at school thanking all the students, teachers and staff for their huge support for Elisabeth and her project. Next week we pick up all the origami paper cranes that the 4th and 5th graders have been making in art class. During Elisabeth speech, there was a surprise annoucement that Elisabeth was selects as a winner of the the Palm Beach County Character Counts! program, for her penny project! Congrats Elisabeth!

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Pennies collected at Pine Jog Elementary!

The collection from Pine Jog Elementary!

The collection from Pine Jog Elementary!

We haven’t gotten a chance to count these yet, but this morning we picked up the pennies that have been collected so far at Pine Jog Elementary! WOW! What are huge success! Besides the jar being completely full, there was, not one, but TWO plastic bags that are half hidden by Elisabeth in this picture!

Elisabeth and some of her classmates went from classroom to classroom last Thursday and Friday. I was told my husband that there had been a jar at aftercare as well.

And the school is going to continue to collect through this week!

Thank you so much to to Pine Jog Elementary
for supporting Elisabeth with her project!

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New total!

Thank you to Chester and Brenda Gordon, for their generous donation of 5,100 pennies. Elisabeth’s total is to date is….

20,445 pennies!


Also, Elisabeth has heard from many Girl Scout troops, both locally and across the nation, that want to help Elisabeth on her journey. We have had contact from Girl Scouts in Rhode Island, Arkansas, Illinois, New Jersey and Alabama, as well as locally here in South Florida. Elisabeth is so excited and appreciative of the support and well wishes!


Exciting happenings!

Elisabeth has been featured on the Sun Sentinel, the Ft. Lauderdale newspaper, parenting blog today!

Elisabeth’s school, Pine Jog Elementary, is really helping her out. This morning Elisabeth made a little speech about her project at her school during morning announcements and asked all students and teachers to bring in pennies on Thursday and Friday, when Elisabeth and 3 other girls from her class (and troop) are going to go around to all the classrooms and collect them. I took video, but she was real nervous and the sound is low, so I need to see if I see if I can get the sound louder before I post it. But here is a picture of Elisabeth and Allison Baer, also a first grader in Elisabeth’s class and a scout in our Girl Scout troop, posing before the morning announcements.
Elisabeth and Allison Baer at morning announcements at Pine Jog!

Elisabeth and Allison Baer at morning announcements at Pine Jog!

I also got a call from the art teacher at Elisabeth’s school and she’s been inspired to have all the art classes try to create 1,000 paper cranes to send over to Japan, which we will help to ship out!

Very exciting things are happening! Thank you, everyone, for your support!

We also got another generous donation from Jan and Chuck Cutter – 2,500 “pennies” – Thank you so much!

Our new grand total to date is:

15,345 pennies for the Girl Scouts of Japan relief effort!


Scouts of Camp Zama in Japan

The Scouts of Camp Zama, Japan: Camp Zama Girl Scouts, Cub Scout Pack #34, Boy Scout Troop #34 of the  United States Army Garrison Japan are collecting and delivering comfort backpacks for the kids of Japan displaced by the earthquake and tsunami. You can read about it here:

As it stand at this posting, they will continue to collect and deliver through the voluntary departure of military family and will collect up to April 30th. On the site above is a list of items (both backpacks and comfort items to put in) that they are collecting.

Looks like they already packed 162 backpack! Way to go scouts!

It’s all about kids helping kids!

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