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Pennies collected at Pine Jog Elementary!

The collection from Pine Jog Elementary!

The collection from Pine Jog Elementary!

We haven’t gotten a chance to count these yet, but this morning we picked up the pennies that have been collected so far at Pine Jog Elementary! WOW! What are huge success! Besides the jar being completely full, there was, not one, but TWO plastic bags that are half hidden by Elisabeth in this picture!

Elisabeth and some of her classmates went from classroom to classroom last Thursday and Friday. I was told my husband that there had been a jar at aftercare as well.

And the school is going to continue to collect through this week!

Thank you so much to to Pine Jog Elementary
for supporting Elisabeth with her project!


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Penny jars!


Thanks to Miss Patti and Dance Unlimited of Lake Worth for allowing Elisabeth to place a jar at her dance school. There were already coins in it when we left!

If you know of any other Palm Beach or Broward county businesses willing to sponsor one of Elisabeth’s jars, please let us know and we will get one to you!


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