Pennies from Tennessee and else where!

Cailyn and her collection of pennies!

Cailyn and her collection of pennies!

No, the adorable little girl to the left is not Elisabeth, but her sweet little cousin Cailyn from Spring Hill, Tennesse. She’s looking forward to being a Daisy Girl Scout next year when she starts Kindergarten. But she’s already a Girl Scout at heart helping out her “Cousin Elisabeth”.

Cailyn, her baby sister Anslie and Elisabeth’s Aunt Kati and Uncle John collected

8950 ‘pennies’!

Cailyn’s Grandpa, John Dickey also contributed 2,000.

So 10,950 pennies from Tennesse.

But wait no…. Junior Troop 965 in White House, TN collected

5,500 pennies!

Thank you so much girls! how considerate and caring!

We also heard that Brownie Troop of San Antonio, TX raised

4,000 pennies!

Great job being a sister to every Girl Scout! Thank you so much!

That’s a total of 20,450.. bringing our current total to


Here it’s been a heck of a week. My home computer is dying a slow miserable death! And with Tree Planting and Elisabeth birthday party on Saturday and our Troop Mother’s Day Tea Monday night, life is never dull. We probably won’t have a final count until at least the weekend after next. And we are still hearing from other troops, I will have more totals forthcoming!

Thank you so much again to everyone I’ve already thanked, it’s been amazing!

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