New update!

We had a busy week and weekend, but have finally gotten a chance to count the second batch of pennies from Pine Jog Elementary.

The second round of collections was

37,148 ‘pennies’!!

Bringing Pine Jog Elementary’s grand total from both batchs to

58,901 ‘pennies’!

And Elisabeth’s current counted total to:

90,736 ‘pennies’!

Thank you, Pine Jog, for such a great collection!

We still have many pennies that have not been counted, so now that we got the huge count done,
we can start counting all the other wonderful donations Elisabeth has gotten in the last week!

  1. #1 by Jami Van Brocklin on April 12, 2011 - 9:50 am

    That is awesome! Great job! 🙂
    When is the last day to have the pennies in to you guys? I still want our troop to get up some, but we’ve had a lot of health issues arise in our troop, so we haven’t had much troop involvement over the past couple of weeks. Lots of surgeries, hospitalizations, and illness! Yuck!

  2. #2 by geekraisinggeek on April 12, 2011 - 9:52 am

    We would like to have our final count by April 29th! Even if it’s just a count by email.

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