Questions and legalities….

I’ve had several people ask how they can get money to Elisabeth. It’s even been suggested that we open a paypal account. I am still in the process to figure how to make this all work. I have also been asked if we will take nickels, dimes and quarters and dollars, which the answer is yes, because as Elisabeth will point out: a nickel is equal to 5 pennies, a dime – 10, a quarter – 25 and a dollar is equal to 100 pennies.

I’ve been asked about Girl Scout policy as well. Girl Scouts are not normally allowed to raise actual money for another group. I have found this statement put out by GSUSA, which I’m waiting for offical confirmation:

“Relief Efforts In Japan

We have all been shaken by the disastrous news coming from Japan, and naturally, Girl Scouts want to help. Troops may want to use a share of their cookie proceeds to help with the relief efforts. Additionally, GSUSA has temporarily suspended their fundraising policy to allow troops to plan special activities to support organizations involved directly in relief efforts. Some reputable organizations through which you can help, include:; Save the Children’s Emergency Fund and The Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund.We’re waiting to hear from Girl Scouts of Japan if there are other tangible ways that we can help our sister Girl Scouts there, and will let you know when we have more information to share.  ”

So the next question is how can we accept out of town donations? Girl Scouts does not allow to conduct sales online.  More questions to ask…

Until I get a final answer on an easier way to donate to Elisabeth, I will post an email address for anyone would like write to Elisabeth for our home address and we will do this the snail mail way. If anyone has words of wisdom/knowledge of fundraising, we would be grateful for any advice.

Elisabeth was very excited to read all of your messages today, but wasn’t ready to write a response.

Tomorrow is her first day to ask for donations – she is going to ask her care providers at spring break camp!

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